Seasonal northern delicacies served in a style unique to Nidom

One of the highlights of staying at Nidom is the opportunity to indulge in northern delicacies.

Extra-large king crabs are landed in Rumoi in the northern part of Hokkaido.
Asparagus is cultivated carefully by contract farmers in a chemical-free environment.
The famous jingisukan (mutton barbecue) uses choice Suffolk lamb short loin and T-bone cuts.

Hokkaido’s seasonal ingredients are carefully selected and cooked in a simple way to make the most of natural flavors.

Enjoy a variety of delicacies grilled at our robatayaki restaurant, the French restaurant in the forest, or the jingisukan room of the clubhouse restaurant. It all goes well with our wide range of vintage wine.

Enjoy a meal specially prepared for you by the northern resort.