Northern land
and forests

At 42 degrees north and with a mean temperature of approximately 21°C in summer
The 5 million square meters of hilly terrain at the foot of Mt. Tarumae is thick with Sakhalin spruce, Japanese larch, white oak and other trees, and is also the habitat of Hokkaido squirrel, red fox, sika deer and various other creatures.

Visitors admire Nidom’s natural features, including the scenic forests and crystal clear streams flowing through the course.

The Tokisatamappu and Otarumappu rivers that supply subsoil water to Lake Shikotsu nurture landlocked masu salmon, provide precious watering places for animals and form an indispensable sanctuary for wild birds and aquatic plants.

We want golfers to breathe in the air purified by forests that nurture life as they walk the course.
We want them to stop and listen to the murmuring of streams and birdsong.
We chose the name “Nidom,” which means “abundant forest” in the Ainu language, out of affection for the nature that surrounds the golf course.