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Party Room

Our party room with food and beverages will be perfect for get-togethers after play.
The room can be partitioned according to the number of people: from one partition-free space (up to 32 people) to three partition-free spaces (up to 108 people).
Reservations are required.
Room rental fees and the terms of use apply. For more information, please inquire by telephone.

  • 1. Partition layout example: 16 people

  • 2. Partition layout example: up to 64 people

  • 3.VIP Room layout example: 4 - 16 people

  • 4.Party room exclusively for Genghis Khan barbecue

  • *Smoking is prohibited in the Party Room and the VIP Room.
  • *The prizes in the photos are for illustrative purposes only; they are not included in the Party Room rental fees.
  • *Seating plans and other arrangements can be adjusted.